At the paint store coffee pot, Brian’s 2019 painting predictions…

Two days ago, I was dropping of flyers at local paint stores about the 2019 Painting Profits Summit.

There was a little bit of a line to talk to the clerk, so I got a cup of coffee and spoke to an owner named Brian for a while about what he thought the new year held for painters in general and his business specifically.

Painting Company Coffee Pot

His predictions were – sadly – spot-on as the conversation continued…

Brian was what I call vaguely optimistic and hopeful about good things happening in his painting business in 2019. He told me he thought his sales would be up and things would be better.

He had been in business for eight years in our local Chattanooga market.

About this time, I found myself doing something that wasn’t really my place to do.

You see, I’m a coach and a problem solver by trade. It’s how I make my living and I’m really good at getting positive results for painters.

So, before I knew it – almost reflexively – I’m quizzing Brian about the things that matter most for 2019 business improvements. A quick “systems pulse check” if you will:

“So, Brian, what will you do differently in 2019 with your…”

“…Sales + Estimating System?” Brian says, “The SAME…”

“…Online + Offline Marketing?” Brian says, “No plans to change…”

“…Crew + Office Management?” Brian says, “About the SAME…”

“…Education + Time Management?” Brian says, “Too busy…”

“…Hiring + Recruitment of Painters?” Brian says, “You can’t find good help…”

Finally, I asked Brian… “If I worked for you as a painter and I had done a terrible job painting a house, would you expect me to do it differently on the next project – or do the exact same thing and blindly hope for a better outcome?”

Brian said, “You’d have to do it different. I’d make you do it different.”

I asked, “What if I didn’t? Would it change?”

Brian answered, “No. No, it wouldn’t.”

I took a sip of my coffee and said, “Brian, bud, if you do the same thing in 2019 you’ve done the past eight years, will you get about the same result?”

Sheepishly he nodded.

I handed Brian a flyer to the 2019 Painting Profits Summit and asked him to look into joining us.

Sadly, Brian’s initial outlook and plan of action for 2019 is representative of 95% of our industry. Vague optimism and hope that rarely amounts to much.

However, after being asked a few sensible questions, his prediction of achieving the same results without significant changes in his business became obvious to him. After working with hundreds of painters, I can tell you his last pronouncement was accurate.

I shouldn’t write this, but I feel sad for Brian.

Chances are, he’ll never make a change… even though opportunity stood next to him at a paint store coffee pot, presented him with a reasonable way to look at his business, then handed him a personal invitation for an amazing opportunity.

Guess what?

You don’t have to think like Brian. If you’ve read this far, chances are you don’t.

I’d like to invite you – personally – to join me at the 2019 Painting Profits Summit.

I want 2019 to be your best year ever… and that requires a change!

Email or call with questions! I can’t wait to see you there! BL


Painting Profits Summit Video Screenshot

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