Home shopping guide, holiday edition

Filter your preferences to generate an editor-approved selection of gifts-from bedding to kitchenware and more

When shopping for home goods, some categories remain oddly difficult to check off a shopping list (rugs, curtains), while some categories exist in a certain price bracket that’s initially hard to swallow (sofas, bed frames). Some categories offer a lot of options, but few of them any good (floor lamps, trash cans).

Curbed’s editors want to help you sort through your shopping queries-in this case, literally. We’ve built a tool so you can use our home shopping guide as a resource again and again. Start by selecting your preferred filters, deciding on price, style, room (if appropriate), and whether you’re shopping for yourself or for someone else.

Our tool will filter all the options that apply, in order from lowest price to highest*, based on hundreds of home goods and furniture that we’ve personally vetted.

And with holiday shopping season nigh, you may be on the hunt to snag great gifts for your family and friends. If so, we’ve got you covered.

*Price in “$” represents a relative scale. Roughly speaking: one “$” means under-$50 for accessories, and under $100 for furniture. “$$” represents under-$100 for accessories, and under-$200 for furniture. “$$$” signifies under-$200 for accessories and furniture under $500, while “$$$$” translates to $200+ accessories and furniture that costs more than $500. Some exceptions apply.

Editor: Kelsey Keith

Writer: Asad Syrkett

Market editor: Kelley Carter

Photographer: Chelsea Cavanaugh

Photo editor: Audrey Levine

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