This trailer transforms into a tiny apartment for 4

It even hauls two full-size motorcycles

There are plenty of campers that haul people or even lots of gear, but it can be hard to find an RV that does it all. Often if you want to sleep a family of four, you have to limit how many bikes or surfboards you bring along.

Not so with the new Deseo caravan from leading European camper manufacturer, Knaus Tabbert. Previous Deseo models have all tried to balance the need to transport bulky items with a place to sleep, but the revamped 2018 Deseo has mastered it.

Using Knaus’ super light weight FibreFrame technology, the Deseo boasts a flexible room arrangement that allows you to haul two full motorbikes and still sleep four people at night. Amenities include a full kitchen with a two-flame cooktop, a retractable 24-inch LED-TV, and plenty of storage underneath the seating area and in a wardrobe. The Deseo also boasts a large automatic rear hatch that allows for indoor-outdoor living, and a relatively spacious bathroom with toilet and shower.

A lifting two-person bed in the rear of the camper is easily lowered into position for sleeping and raised when in transit. Small touches like LED reading lights in the ceiling show attentive design, and the lower seat bench transitions into a retractable double bed.

All photos courtesy of Knaus

The Deseo can hold two full-size motorbikes.

The wide tailgate and two stable access ramps make loading motorcycles or bikes a breeze, and the gear can be secured during transport using motorcycle holders. The tailgate can also be used in conjunction with a rear tent to expand the living area.

Depending on the options you pick, the 2018 Deseo should range from $26,400 to $34,300. But like so many excellent campers and trailers, the Knaus Deseo is currently only available in Europe.

All photos courtesy of Knaus

All photos courtesy of Knaus

All photos courtesy of Knaus

The lifting bed in the lowered sleeping position.

All photos courtesy of Knaus

The lower seating area unfolds into a double bed.

All photos courtesy of Knaus

The compact kitchen area.

All photos courtesy of Knaus

The bathroom in the Deseo.

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