3 Advantages of Induction Hobs You Don’t Know About

What kind of cooker do you have in your kitchen? Electric or Gas? Do you think they represent value for money?

This week we want to show you something else and introduce you to the advantages of induction hobs. What is an induction hob you may ask? Well, you are about to find out why they are generally a lot better than electric or gas and also why you need to consider having one in your home.

What’s An Induction Hob?

Induction hobs generate heat, funnily enough, through induction. Withother types of hobs that you find in the majority of homes they tend to use a conduction method of heating whereas an induction hob creates an electromagnetic field between a coil underneath a glass top and the pan. This connection through acopper coil magnet produces a current and heats up the pan in rapid time.

It sounds complicated and like a school science class all over againbut it is actually really straightforward.

One thing that we need to mention is that to use an induction hob properly you need to havepots and pans made from ferrous metal like iron or steel.

Induction Hobs vs Electric Hobs

An induction hob still uses electricity to produce a high level of cooking heat however unlike an electriccooker the hob itself stays cool. Pretty weird, right? Well, while you may get some heat from the hob as the pan will be in contact with the surface you can basically touch it without burning yourself.

Compared to using electrical hobs, induction cooking is generally a lot cheaper as well. This is because it won’t take as long for the hob to heat up so you won’t burn as much energy. In fact, an induction hob can be 90% energy efficient whereas electric hobs are only around 55% with gas hobs falling even further to 50%.

The Advantages of Induction Hobs And Why You Should Buy One

So, now that we know what heat induction is, let’s look at 3 advantages of induction hobs and why you need one in your kitchen.

#1 They Are Safe Especially With Children Around

We mentioned above that one of the main advantages of induction hobs is that they don’t heat up as much as gas or electric hobs. You may still get some heat from the hob but it won’t be like leaving an electric cooker for example where the ring burns intensely long after you have removed the pan.

Induction works by a connection between the pan and the hob and once that is broken it automatically turns itself off. If you have children or are just a bit forgetful yourself (who hasn’t burnt themselves at least once on the hob?!) then an induction hob is a far safer method than a gas or electric cooker top.

#2 Your Food Cooks A Lot Quicker

How many times have you waited around staring endlessly for the hob to heat up? Probably more times than you care to remember.

With an induction cooker top, your food heats up far quicker than any other method. In fact, induction hobs produce 50% more power on output than a traditional hob. This means that your food will be cooked thoroughly a lot faster. If you have a busy lifestyle, screaming kids waiting for their dinner or you are just plain impatient then an induction hob is a fantastic option.

#3 Cleaning Them Is Far Easier

Perhaps one of the biggest advantages of induction hobs is that they are just far easier to clean after cooking. Who really likes taking a scrubbing brush to the marksthat are left on your electric hob? What about the spillages that get into the crevices of your gas hob? This can be an absolute nightmare to clean.

The great thing about induction cooking is the completely flat surface of the hob in addition to the fact that it is pretty much cold right after you take the pan off. This means you don’t need to risk a burn trying to clean up any liquid and spillages won’t become encrusted on the surface. An induction hob can be wiped clean in seconds without any need to wait for it to cool down.

Disadvantages of Induction Hobs

Before we wrap up this weeks’ blog post on the advantages of induction hobs let’s look at some downsides.

There will also be people that favour gas or electric. They do have their advantages and an induction hob will be more expensive than the traditional cooker tops and you do need to use specific pots and pans for it to work.This can result in a higher cost due to the extra equipment you need.

The glass ceramic material that is used to make the induction hob can also be prone to cracking if something heavy is dropped on it and scratches are more likely to happen as well.

That being said, an induction hob is something that you should consider for your kitchen. Not only does it give you these advantages but it also takes you astep closer to having a smart kitchenwhile offering a modern and stylish design as well. For many people, once they install an induction hob they find it very hard to go back to gas or electric.

Have you used an induction hob? What did you think of it? Was it better than gas or electric? Let’s hear your thoughts.

*Featured image:Induction goodness Ikea induction hob by tvol is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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