My Summer Blogging Plan

About 5 years ago, I started taking time off from blogging every summer. I started with just a week, then quickly realized that in order to get a true break, I needed to take 3-4 weeks off.

Yes, that’s a lot of time, but it really is worth it for me and for our family.

This year, however, I’ve decided not to take several weeks off during the summer months because I definitely want to take timeoff after the baby is born at the end of September – and it’s probably not super smart for me to take a month off in July or August, and then more time off in September or October!

My plan is to continue sharing 5 new posts every week but ONE of those posts will be a week in review of sorts.I’llgo back through my archives over the past 7 years of blogging and share links, photos, and snippets from posts I wrote that same week in previous years.

For example, todayI’m sharing several links and photos from posts I wrote betweenJune 11 and June 17, 2010 through 2016.I’ll also share a quick summary of current life in the Dekker house.

So far, it has been lots of fun for ME to go back in time and remind myself what was happening back then. Plus, I figure it’s a great way to resurrect a handfulof the hundreds and hundreds of posts in my archives.

Hopefully it will be a nice refresher for you to re-read some of these as well!



One of the very first blog posts I ever wrote (I think it was my 4th post) was all aboutmy closet it’salmost embarrassingly horrendous to look back on now <img src="×72/1f642.png&quot; alt="

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